Steve Mills
California Highway Patrol
Employment Background: Steve has been with the California Highway Patrol for 20 years. From May, 1994 to May, 2003, he was a Cadet/Officer assigned to the Central Los Angeles area upon Academy graduation. He was transferred to the Santa Rosa area in February, 1996 and the Williams area in November, 2005 and Academy as an Instructor in November, 2001. Over the 9 years, he worked a patrol officer, field training officer, hit and run investigator, evidence officer and Academy Instructor.

Promoted to Sergeant in May, 2003, he remained at the CHP Academy as an instructor until June, 2005 then transferred to the Santa Rosa area in July, 2005 and Williams’s area in November, 2005. He was an Academy Instructor and Patrol Sergeant during the 5 ½ years.

Promoted to Lieutenant in September of 2008, Steve transferred to the Contra Costa area as the Field Operations Officer upon promotion. The Field Operations Officer oversees the deployment of officers and sergeants to patrol and handles all critical incidents arising from patrol operations. Steve transferred to the Golden Gate Division, the CHP Command Office for the Bay Area in October 2009 where he served as the administrative assistance to the Division Commander. In 2001, he returned to the CHP Academy as the Tactical Training Program Manager. The TTP Manager oversees Emergency Vehicle Operations, motorcycle training, firearms training, physical fitness, enforcement tactics and advanced officer safety tactics training for the entire department.

Steve remained at the CHP Academy until August 2013 when he was promoted to Captain and took command of CHP Fleet Operations Section. Fleet Operations Section is responsible for the acquisition, equipping and managing of the Department’s fleet of vehicles. This includes enforcement sedans and utilities, motorcycles, trucks, emergency response command posts, motor carrier inspection vans, pool, command and training vehicles.
Educational Background: Steve attended Oregon State University and Butte Community College majoring in Public Administration Management. He is a graduate of the 254th Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.
Hobbies/Special Interests: Steve enjoys motorcycling, automotive repair and modification and home improvement.
Fleet Size Fleet Personnel Lease/Own
Cars Trucks SUVs Vans Total Units
2796 339 161 301 5338 85 Own

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