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It’s like modern art you actually get.

If our designers were cubists, the 2013 Focus might have turned out boxy. Clearly, they are not. Instead, they created a shape, and shapes within that shape. The beltline is actually several beltlines, shifting into a Z-shaped pattern that gives the Focus muscular shoulders over its wheels. It’s kinetic design. It makes the car look like it’s in motion even when it’s parked. This is a car that looks coiled and ready to spring. So go ahead. Get in. And start more than a car.

  • Kinetic Design

    The 2013 Focus Electric shines when it comes to design.

  • Focus Styling Really Shines

    Even the lights on your Focus offer dramatic styling.

  • The Art of Car Building

    Every detail exhibits careful planning and craftsmanship.

  • Ultra-High-Strength Boron Steel

    Ultra-high- strength boron steel fortifies the Focus, adding protection while reducing weight.

  • Focus ST Exterior Design

    Focus ST offers aggressive styling

  • A Nice Set of Wheels

    Wheels add a spark of cool that few other automotive design elements can.

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