David (Doc) Halliday (ret.)
Michigan State Police
Employment Background: Doc is currently a consultant to the Michigan State Police. He spent 36 years in law enforcement – 31 years with the Michigan State Police. His assignments have included Erie Post, Detroit Post, Brighton Post, Aviation Section-Pilot, and Training Division. During these years, he served as an Advanced Accident Investigator and then as a Technical Accident Investigator for the department. Many of those years included driving as a test car driver for the MSP Vehicle Test. As a pilot, Doc provided air support for a variety of missions including traffic, search and rescue, surveillance, executive transport and air protection for dignitaries such as the President of the United States and the governor of Michigan. In 1996 he was promoted to sergeant at the training division. As an Instructor at the Precision Driving Unit I, he specialized in Vehicle Dynamics (High Speed Handling) and supervised the MSP Vehicle Testing Program. In January 2002, Doc was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, as the commanding officer of the Precision Driving Unit. The unit also tests a variety of police vehicles as well as automotive related police equipment. He is frequently asked to assist other agencies in the country for unusual vehicle or injury accidents involving law enforcement. He also provides assistance to the automobile manufacturers in development of advanced car concepts and testing. Their Vehicle Test Book is requested all over the world and they send out approx. 30,000 copies worldwide, as far as Australia and Guam.
Educational Background: Northwestern Michigan College, Business Administration; Cleary College, Business Management; Commercial Pilot for Airplanes and Helicopters; FAA Certified Flight Instructor.
Hobbies/Special Interests: Doc likes to travel with his wife and son to warm places in the winter. He enjoys motorcycle riding and has owned many. Doc likes flying airplanes and helicopters and flight instructing.
Fleet Size Fleet Personnel Lease/Own
Cars Trucks SUVs Vans Total Units
1415 205 245 0 2083 N/A Lease

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