A/T - Automatic Transmission
AAM - Aftermarket Account Manager
ABS - Anti Lock Braking System
ACES II - Automated Claims Entry System Ford's Online Warranty Claim System
ACSG - Automotive Consumer Services Group Ford's global vehicle service organization
AFV - Alternative Fuel Vehicles Vehicles powered by fuel other than solely gasoline or diesel
APCM - Auxiliary Power Control Module
ARS - Automotive Remarketing Services Ford's group that represents used vehicles at auction for fleet and financial clients
AWA - After Warranty Adjustment, aka "Recovery"
BAC - Business Assistance Center Ford's business to business call center group
BB - Body Builder
BBAS - Body Builders Advisory Service Ford's group that offers assistance to truck body modifiers
BO - Balance Out The end of model year date for a specific vehicle line or plant
BOM - Bill of Material Engineering description of the vehicle's material
BPN - Business Preferred Network Ford dealers that offer special services to small business customers
BSW - Black Sidewalls Tires which are black on the side
CBM - Commercial Business Manager Ford representatives who call on Business Preferred Network (BPN) dealers
CAA - Clean Air Act
CAC - Customer Assistance Center
CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAFM - Commercial Area Field Manager
CBM - Commercial Business Manager Ford representatives who call on Business Preferred Network (BPN) dealers
CCRG - Critical Concern Resolution Group Critical Concern Resolution Group is the team at Ford who make decisions relative to Recalls and other Field Support Actions
CFFP - Clean Fuel Fleet Program Federal Program
CLP - Commercial Lease Plus
CM - Clearcoat Metallic A paint process whereby there is a coat of clear paint applied on top of the colored paint
CNG - Compressed Natural Gas Natural gas compressed under high pressure (2000-3600psi)
CQIS - Common Quality Indicator Systems Database used to document vehicle/part concerns
CSA - Commercial Service Advisor
CTC - Commercial Truck Center
CuDL - Customer Data Link
CVO - Commercial Vehicle Operations Ford Motor Company's commercially focused parts and service support organization.
CY - Calendar Year
CYTD - Calendar Year to Date
DDR - Dealer Daily Rental Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
DNB - Dealer News Bulletin Weekly publication that updates information on the ordering, scheduling, production, and delivery of vehicles.
DOE - Department of Energy
DOHC - Double Overhead Cam
DOM - Dealer Operations Manager
DORA - Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgement A verification sent to dealers acknowledging each order placed with Ford
DPG - Dearborn Proving Ground Ford's test track in Dearborn, Michigan
DRW - Dual Rear Wheel
DSP - Data Systems Provider
E85 - Ethanol 85%
EBOM - Electronic Bill of Material
EDSR - Electronic Dealer Service Report
EFC - Electronic Field Communication
EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPACT - Energy Policy Act of 1992
ESC - Extended Service Contract
ESP - Ford Protect
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival Projected date for vehicle to arrive at destination dealer
EV - Electric Vehicle or Environmental Vehicle A vehicle powered by electricity or a fuel other than gasoline
FAB - Fleet Advisory Board A group of fleet customers who advise Ford fleet on fleet issues
FAD - Ford Authorized Distributor
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FCIC - Fleet Customer Information Center Ford Fleet's call center at 1-800-34-FLEET
FCSD - Ford Customer Service Division Ford's service group for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America
FFV - Flexible Fuel Vehicles Vehicles with the ability to run on two fuel types or a combination of the two fuels, including ethanol and gasoline or methanol and gasoline.
FIN - Fleet Identification Number Ford's identification code for North American fleet customers
FMC - Ford Motor Company
FIMPS - Fleet Integrated Marketing Program System Ford payment system for competitive price allowance incentives
FMCC - Ford Motor Credit Company Also called Ford Financial, Ford's financial arm
FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FOC - Ford of Canada Ford's Canadian operations
FOE - Ford of Europe Ford's European operations
FOM - Ford of Mexico
FORDSTAR - Web Based Dealer Training Network
Ford Fleet Care - Billing system for fleet customers which combines dealership billings into one consolidated Fleet statement.
FRCS - Ford Rental Car System Ford dealer's rental departments
FRCS - Ford Rent A Car System Ford dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
FSA - Field Service Action
FSNP - Fleet Service Notification Plan
FTDC - Fairlane Training and Development Center Ford's training center in Dearborn, MI
GAM - Government Account Manager Title of Ford's government fleet field sales representatives
GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating
GCI - Global Consumer Insights Ford's marketing research group
GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating
GGE - Gasoline Gallon Equivalent
GPC - Government Price Concession Vehicle discounts relating to government bids
GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GWO - Global Warranty Operations
GWTS - Gross Weight Rating Systems
HEV - Hybrid Electric Vehicle An HEV is powered by a conventional engine with an electric motor added for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions.
ILEV - Inherently Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
IRS - Independent Rear Suspension
LD - Light Duty
LEV - Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
LMCRS - Lincoln/Mercury Car Rental System Lincoln Mercury dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Propane
LPO - Limited Production Option
MS&S - Marketing Sales and Service
MY - Model Year
MYTD - Model Year to Date
NABD - North American Business Development
NAFLRO - North American Fleet, Lease and Remarketing Operations Ford's group handling fleet sales
NAFS - North American Fleet Service Ford's group handling fleet service needs
NAM - National Account Manager Title of Ford's fleet field sales representatives
NGV - Natural Gas Vehicle Vehicle powered by natural gas
NHTSA - National Highway Transportation Safety Administration US agency which promotes highway safety
OASIS - On-Line Automotive Service Information System
ODR - Other Daily Rental (Other than Hertz/Budget)
OE - Original Equipment
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OGC - Office of General Counsel
ONP - Owner Notification Program Now called customer satisfaction program
PATS - Passive Anti Theft System
PCM - Power Control Module
PDC - Product Development Center Building in Dearborn housing Ford's designers
PDC - Parts Distribution Center
PDC - Product Development Center
PDV - Parcel Delivery Van or 'Pie Truck'
PEP - Preferred Equipment Package or Popular Equipment Package Vehicle ordering packages or configurations
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
PTO - Power Take Off
PZEV - Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
QC - Quality Control
QCM - Quality Care Maintenance
QCMPP - Quality Care Maintenance Protection Plan Coverage for the normal or optional scheduled maintenance service recommended in vehicles
QMP - Quality Maintenance Program
QVM - Qualified Vehicle Modifier Vehicle modifiers which have been certified by Ford
RCB - Regent Court Building Building in Dearborn housing Ford's fleet operations
RPO - Regular Production Option
RV - Recreational Vehicles
SD - Super Duty
SDS - Supplier Direct Ship
SEMA - Speciality Equipment Market Association
SFM - Select Fleet Manager
SOB - Scheduled Order Bank Holding area for orders placed by dealers which have been scheduled for production
SOHC - Single Overhead Cam Engine configuration description
SRW - Single Rear Wheel
SSM - Special Service Message
SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle
SVT - Special Vehicle Team
TSB - Technical Service Bulletin An engineering document published to inform Ford Dealer service people about a specific problem with detailed instructions on how to correct the problem
TSO - Technical Support Operations
UIO - Units in Operation
ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
USOB - Unscheduled Order Bank Holding area for orders placed by dealers which have not yet been scheduled for production
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number 17 characters which identify all vehicles
VOC - Voice of Customer
VSO - Vehicle Special Order Non-standard order options available for Ford fleet vehicles
VSPS - Vehicle Scheduling and Planning System
VVT - Variable Valve Timing
WB - Wheelbase Distance between front and rear wheels
WD - Warehouse Distributor
WDMO - World Wide Direct Markets Ford's group which exports vehicles to select countries
WDS - Worldwide Diagnostic System
WHQ - World Headquarters Building in Dearborn housing Ford's top management
WINS - Wholesale Incentive System
YTD - Year to Date
ZEV - Zero Emission Vehicle Emission Standard created by EPACT
4WD - 4 Wheel Drive

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