National Fleet Parts Pricing

Ford Motor Company is pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in the National Fleet Parts Pricing program. This program is designed specifically for regional and national fleets that have the potential to purchase higher volumes of parts from multiple sources. The National Fleet Parts Pricing (NFPP) program provides your business with:

  • Competitive "Not to Exceed" parts pricing* on Ford and Motorcraft mechanical parts
  • A network of Ford Motor Company Dealerships** across the nation for both over-the-counter wholesale purchases as well for eligible parts used in dealership service departments for maintenance and repairs.
  • The ability to locate participating dealerships. You can locate Ford and Lincoln dealers via the Dealer Locator (choose National Fleet Parts Pricing in the Specialty Services dropdown) on this website.

Dealerships currently supplying you with Ford and Motorcraft mechanical parts may be participants in the NFPP program (contact your dealer for details). You may also find other participating dealers will be able to meet and support your Ford parts needs. Your business relationships with these dealers are entirely at your discretion.

Combine Parts Pricing with Consolidated Billing for Added Value

Combining the National Fleet Parts Pricing program with the ability to bill parts transactions through the Ford Fleet Care program*** provides added value and convenience. Ford Fleet Care enrolled fleets can purchase from participating Ford Motor Company dealerships and receive consolidated parts billing services with no administrative fees. Ford Fleet Care program features:

  • Invoices containing specific details to support the amounts billed, organized by transaction date, invoice number, locations, parts and freight charges, sales taxes, and total charges.
  • The security and control of Purchase Orders tied to each transaction.
  • Review of NFPP pricing billed through participating dealers.
  • No cost web reporting for fleets with an active Ford Identification Number (FIN).
  • Administrative support through


Identifying Your Company as an Enrolled NFPP Fleet

Fleets enrolled in the National Fleet Parts Price program will receive account cards to present to Ford and Lincoln Dealerships as eligible for National Fleet Parts Pricing. Accounts also enrolled in Ford Fleet Care consolidated billing will also receive a unique account billing code. Dealership parts and service department staff will have the ability to verify active program status online.

Enroll Now

If not already participating in Ford Fleet Care consolidated billing program please go to the Ford Fleet Care enrollment form to review program details, or call 1-800-367-3221.

*NFPP parts pricing is not available on Ford accessories, collision parts.

**Program participation provided through U.S. Ford and Lincoln Dealerships.

***Application and credit review required for Ford Fleet Care billing enrollment.