2020 Transit Connect



The Transit Connect Cargo Van offers a wide range of available technologies to help you be aware of your surroundings and ever-changing traffic conditions.10  From the driveway to the highway, the available Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist technologies help keep you connected and confident as you take to the road and move your business forward.
2020 transit connect cargo vans with aftermarket business graphics being driven on the road


Introducing Ford Co-Pilot360 — an advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies that includes BLIS® with Cross Traffic Alert, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Auto High-Beam Headlamps, Lane-Keeping System and Rear View Camera. Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van also makes additional technology available that is designed to help keep you in command, from the driveway to the highway.10


For compatible devices, an available wireless inductive phone charger* lets you charge your phone by just setting it down. This means no more struggling with ports, plugs or charging cables.


*Available Qi wireless charging may not be compatible with all mobile phones.

Interior of 2020 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van showing available technology
Available Ford Pass Connect with Wi Fi hotspot


FordPass is the one-stop app that can help you move more freely throughout your day.164
Here’s how:

  • Lock, unlock and start your vehicle remotely5
  • Use FordPay to conveniently pay for service
  • Receive key vehicle info and schedule service*
  • Compare fuel prices at stations along your route
  • Find parking169 ahead of time
  • Get FordPass help from a friendly FordGuide

These are just some of the great things you can do with FordPass. If you haven’t already, download the FordPass app on the App Store167 or get it on Google Play.167

*Available at participating dealers.


We’ve engineered manufacturer-grade commercial tools in conjunction with the Ford vehicles that make up your fleet. Our software and hardware work seamlessly with your vehicles to help you solve problems, optimize your fleet and keep your operations running smoothly. Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services give you the power of choice to run your business how you want.
Available Ford Telematics shown on a laptop computer


Help improve your business operations with Ford Telematics software that delivers manufacturer-grade information, insights and solutions right to your fingertips. Key Benefits might include:


  • Improve asset utilization through GPS tracking
  • Maximize vehicle availability with Vehicle Health Alerts and service reminders
  • Optimize your running costs by monitoring fuel consumption
  • Protect your fleet with notifications that can help you react quickly
  • Improve driver behavior by receiving insights into driver performance


For more information, please call 1-833-811-3673, email FCS1@ford.com, or visit commercialsolutions.ford.com

Explore Ford Telematics

Ford Commercial truck on the road with Ford Data Services icons


Gain seamless and secure access to your vehicle data through our open platform, the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). Key features include:


  • Always Evolving: Access to new updates and vehicle signals when they become available
  • Security Management: Our expertise provides industry-leading data protection
  • Third Party Access: Easy API integration provides secure and easy access to processed vehicle data
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for secure, open integration with third-party service tools

Explore Ford Data Services 


EcoMode and EcoCoach monitor fuel economy and encourage eco-conscious driving behaviors.
Transit Connect Cargo Van being driven on a road in the city
Available Forward and Reverse Sensing Systems


If your vehicle is in Drive and moving slowly, the Forward Sensing System will sound a high-pitched beeping tone if something is there in front of you. The beeps will become more rapid as you approach an object, and within 10 inches they become a solid tone. The sensors turn off when you put your vehicle in Park or Neutral. The Reverse Sensing Systems works the same way using sensors in the rear bumper.
Transit Connect Cargo Van on road with standard side wind stabilization system


Standard side-wind stabilization technology39  is designed to help reduce driver stress while operating a vehicle in high winds. The system monitors sensors and if a strong wind gust is detected, it carefully applies the brakes on one side to help the driver stay in his/her lane. It works alongside Roll Stability Control on slippery surfaces – to help avoid skids, lateral slides and potential vehicle rollovers.