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Econoline Truck Data Page Number
Dimensional Data
E-150/350 Super Duty Wagon 8/12-Passenger 92-93
E-350 Super Duty Extended Wagon 12/15-Passenger 94-95
E-150 Wagon 7-Passenger (Quad Captain Chairs/3-Passenger Bench) 96-97
E-150/250/350 Super Duty Van 98-99
E-150/250/350 Super Duty Crew Van 100-101
Van/Wagon Axle/Tire/Vehicle Height Data 102-103
Incomplete E-150/250/350 Super Duty Van with RV Prep Package 104
E-350/450 Super Duty Cutaway
138" Wheelbase (SRW/DRW) 105-106
158" Wheelbase (DRW) 107-108
176" Wheelbase (DRW) 109-110
158"/176" Wheelbase (DRW) 111
Body Section 112-113
Dimensional Data 114
E-250 Super Duty commercial Stripped Chassis 124" Wheelbase (SRW) 115
E-350 Super Duty Commercial Stripped Chassis
138" Wheelbase (SRW/DRW) 116-117
158" Wheelbase (SRW/DRW) 118
176" Wheelbase (SRW/DRW) 119
E-450 Super Duty Commercial Stripped Chassis
158" Wheelbase (DRW) 120
176" Wheelbase (DRW) 121
Parking Brake Cable Attachment 122
E-350/450 Super Duty Commercial Stripped Chassis

158" Wheelbase (SRW/DRW) 176" Wheelbase (DRW)

Vehicle Height Data Super Duty Cutaway/Commercial Cutaway 124
Vehicle Height /Tire/Clearance Data Commercial Stripped Chassis/Cutaway 125
Tire Data 126
Cutaway Stripped Chassis Fuel Filler Systems 127
E-350/450 Super Duty Cutaway/ Commercial Stripped Chassis

55-Gallon Aft-of-Axle Fuel Tank

37-Gallon Aft-of-Axle Fuel Tank
Trailer Tow/Lamp Plug and Wiring 130-133

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