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E-Series -- Wagon/Van

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E-Series -- Wagon/Van Page Number
Model Line Up
GVWR/Wheelbase/Payload/Base Curb Weight/Engine/Trans 35-36
Dimensional data
E-150/350 Super Duty Wagon 7 Passenger
w/Quad Captain Chairs/3 Passenger Bench
E-150/350 Super Duty Wagon 8/12 Passenger 39-40
E-350 Super Duty Extended Wagon 12/15 Passenger 41-42
E-150/250/350 Super Duty Van 43-44
E-150/250/350 Cre Van (Regular/Extended Length) 45-46
Axle/Tire/Vehicle Height Data 47
E-Series Super Duty Recreational Van
Upper Restraint Anchorage Locations/Rearmost Seating Ref Point
Fuel System/Carbon Cannisters 49
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