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Incomplete Vehicle Manuals


Download 1997 Light Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 10.7Mb)

Download 1998 Econoline and 1997 F-Series (over 8500 lb GVWR)
Light Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual

(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 10Mb)

Download 1999 Light Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 2.3Mb)

Download 2000 Light Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 2.7Mb)

Download 2000 Medium Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 5.7Mb)

Download 2000 Class A Motorhome Incomplete Vehicle Manual
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file; 2.7Mb)

General Information

Information in this section is provided pursuant to Part 568 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations. "Vehicles Manufactured in Two or More Stages". Part 568 specifies that final stage manufacturers must complete vehicles in compliance with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

  • Each Chasis Cab (see definition on page 6 of 2000 Light Truck Incomplete Vehicle Manual) manufactured by Ford has a label affixed to the driver-door lock pillar that identifies the following:
  • The specific Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to which the Chassis Cab conforms, as of the date of manufacture.
  • The specific Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to which the Chassis Cab will conform when completed as specified in this manual.
  • The date of manufacture (month/year) of the Chassis Cab by Ford Motor Company.


Statements of Conformity
The Statements of Conformity section, which begin on page 8 of this manual, lists the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date of manufacture of this incomplete vehicle that are applicable to the type(s) of completed vehicles into which this incomplete vehicle man be manufactured. This date is shown on the label affixed to the cover of this manual. These statements, in most cases, apply to specific types of incomplete or competed vehicles and identify GVWR and UVW weight ranges.

The incomplete vehicle type is identified by the 5th, 6th & 7th digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); see page 4. The completed vehicle types to which this incomplete vehicle may appropriately be completed is printed on the label, under the heading "May Be Completed As," that is affixed to the cover of this document. The Completed Vehicle Types charts on page 5 identifies how various incomplete vehicles with an Optional Prep Packages or a Trim Code, may be completed.

Each statement of conformity is identified by a safety standard number located at the left margin. Because there may be multiple statement of conformity for each safety standard, use care to select the appropriate statement. Unique CMVSS requirements will be identified at the conclusion of the representations for a particular safety standard.

Compliance statements provided in this manual are of the three following types:

Type I: A statement that the vehicle, when completed, will conform to the standard if no alteration are made in identified components of the incomplete vehicle.
Type II: A statement of specific conditions of final manufacture under which the manufacturer specifies that the completed vehicle will conform to the standard.
Type III: A statement of conformity with he standard is not substantially affected by the design of the incomplete vehicle, and that the incomplete vehicle manufacturer makes no representation as to the conformity with the standard.


To rely on the compliance representation in this manual, the incomplete vehicles must be completed as one of the completed vehicle types designated on the label affixed to the cover of the manual, and must not exceed the specified GVWR, GAWRs or the Unloaded Vehicle Weight limits when specified in this manual.


Domestic Special Order (DSO) Vehicles
DSO vehicles can be identified by a six digit number with the letters DSO below the digits in the lower right corner of the Incomplete Vehicle Label which is affixed to the driver-door lock pillar. See the sample label on page 4.

The Statements of Conformity section of this manual includes compliance representation for certain DSO vehicles. These vehicles are identified in the charts on page 5. Other DSO vehicles may require additional Statements of Conformity which will be in the Supplement Section of this manual.

Ford Truck Assistance
Throughout this manual you will find references to information found in the Ford Truck Body Builders Layout Book. Additional Design Recommendations and specifications are also provided to assist subsequent stage manufacturers in completing chassis cab and incomplete vehicles. To obtain the compact disc or a copy of this book (first copy at no charge), please fax a written request and include the desired model year, along with your return address (NO P.O. Box Addresses, please) to (734) 414-2971.

The Ford Truck Body Builder Advisory Service may be consulted regarding information contained in this manual.

Call 1-877-840-4338 for assistance, or fax inquiries to (313) 594-2633 accompanied by a cover sheet indicating "Attention: Truck Body Builder Advisory Service," along with your name, address and telephone number.

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